FIND is a proud partner with Say Something Assembly. We fundraiser to be able to go into North Dakota school communities and provide them an assembly, free of charge, that equips students to recognize and fight injustice and exploitation. The Say Something school assembly is a 3D, interactive assembly, designed to keep students and faculty engaged. FIND has done assemblies in Bismarck, Mandan, Mohall, Williston, and at the ND FCCLA State Conference.


The issue of human trafficking is becoming normal for American students. They are being faced with choices daily that could lead to being trafficked or stand idly by while one of their peers is trafficked. You see the same parallel with bullying and harassment. We want to decrease the number of vulnerable students and increase the number of empowered students! 

Download the info packet HERE and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Brenda is such a wonderful teacher and we are so thankful that we were able to work with her to bring the Say Something assembly to Williston High School on February 22, 2016. Brenda knows how important it is to be a good role model for her students and to be someone to talk to. She fights for the good side, so more and more students don't get sucked into the dark side. Watch this video and learn one interesting way she is getting students to talk to her.


As part of our mission of awareness and education, we love to present to all kinds of groups. We speak to young adult groups, youth groups, to students in a classroom setting, congregations, women's small groups, men's small groups, clubs, chaplaincies, businesses, at concerts, you name it! We can tailor our talks to best fit your need. We want to spread awareness wherever we can!


Through FREE International Inc., FIND has partnerships with many experts to provide you the training you need. 

  • Hospitality Industry Training

  • Law Enforcement Training

  • Self Defense Training

  • Healthcare Agency Training

  • Equip and empower communities to recognize the signs of human trafficking

  • And more!


This is a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness about human trafficking! 

Book a screening with FIND and the following will happen: A representative of FIND will bring the documentary, be available at the event to answer questions, and will help build a further understanding about human trafficking and ways everyone can be part of the solution. FIND will also help promote your event if you desire.


Take a look at the list of documentaries by clicking HERE and book one with us today!

Pictured: Church screening of Nefarious in Bismarck, ND