EVERYONE can be a part of the solution!


Create a fundraiser. This not only helps spread awareness, but can greatly help an anti-trafficking organization in your community. Fundraisers can be as simple as selling your gently used clothing or as elaborate as hosting a silent auction or having a garage sale.

Host an Event

It can be as simple as a potluck, or Nefarious Documentary Screening, or as elaborate as a concert. Hosting events helps spread the word about trafficking and helps others gain a better understanding of what’s really going on in our community.

Attend an Event

Make sure to stay in touch with us and support other organizations by attending their events. You learn about the organization and they are usually a good time! We love being involved in our community.

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Get Educated

Take some time to learn the facts about what’s happening in the world of modern day slavery. Knowledge and awareness are power and will help you to better fight the injustices of slavery and keep an eye out for victims in your community. 

A great start is to learn the Red Flags of Human Trafficking.

Get Social

Follow us, and other anti-trafficking organizations, on social media. When something comes through your feed about slavery and grabs your attention, share it with your friends and followers. Use your influence to remind people about this fight. 


FIND and other organizations are always looking for people willing to volunteer to help end human trafficking. FIND is an organization run solely on volunteers. Contact us today to get involved!


Human trafficking is nothing short of evil, and reading the statistics can be discouraging, but don’t underestimate the power of prayer!

Shared Hope International 30-Day Prayer Guide

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It’s not the action people want to hear, but it is a practical and effective way to help end human trafficking. Find credible organizations like FIND and donate!

Value People

This one is most important! Chose to value people, think of ways to value people, look for ways to add value to people, value people, and encourage others to add value to people. This can be as simple as holding doors open for people, not getting mad at baristas or waiters, complimenting and encouraging people, and saying "hi" to those you encounter throughout your day. 



There are other people in your area who share your passion in abolishing slavery. Whether it’s with FIND, or another group, join them and stand together in the fight for freedom!


Foster or Support At-Risk Youth

A majority of U.S. minors who find themselves victims of sex trafficking come from broken homes or are runaways. 1 In 6 endangered runaways are likely trafficked for sex, and approximately 68% of those sex trafficking survivors were in the care of social services or foster care when they ran away. You can also support at-risk youth by volunteering at shelters, with youth groups, helping/working in after school programs, etc.