We are motivated by our belief that every life is valuable. Our mission is to prevent human trafficking in North Dakota through education and awareness.


Daring to FIND value

It is the right of every human being to be of value and be free. We believe that at the core of this fight is the absence of value. If you value people, you aren’t going to sell them. If you value yourself, you aren’t going to be easily manipulated and look for your value in another person. 

Traffickers seek out the vulnerable and prey on the vulnerabilities of the individual. Whether that be that the individual feels lonely, not pretty enough, wants people to notice them, has a tough family situation, is homeless, being bullied or harassed, is struggling in school, can't find a job, etc. Traffickers prey on these vulnerabilities. Traffickers can spot a vulnerable youth a mile away.


They treat that vulnerable youth like they are “valuable”, by giving them a place to stay, giving them food, telling them nice things, and meeting all their needs. Everyone likes their needs met, and as children there should be a figure in their life meeting their needs, but when there is not, a trafficker is going to drop in and be that person… for a price. Traffickers manipulate and ensnare their victims not with physical chains, but chains of the mind. 

It has been voiced over and over again, by those coming out of trafficking, that EVERYONE could have made a difference: family, educators, pastors, doctors, law enforcement, and community members.

By being aware and caring for the individuals in your community, school, work, sphere of influence, YOU can make a difference. Make the choice to value people. 


Senior Pastor, Kurt Chaffee, of New Song Church went to a conference in late 2011 and heard about the topic of human trafficking. The issue caught his attention and led him to bring the message back about human trafficking and see what could be done in North Dakota. The revelation that human trafficking happens HERE, in North Dakota, was too overwhelming to not act and do something. Ordinary people can be empowered to do something and a ministry was formed. Then a gentleman named Michael Bartel, of FREE International Inc. and North Dakota native, came to speak at New Song Church, in Bismarck, ND. The ministry officially took the name FREE International North Dakota, or FIND, and partnered with Bartel to reach North Dakota.



Over the years FIND has grown and expanded, and new groups and organizations have formed to help fight human trafficking in North Dakota. We are proud of our community for finally recognizing the importance of gaining more education and training in the fight against human trafficking. But our work is not done…